White-Tailed Eagles, Latvia (Durbe County) Webcam


White-Tailed Eagles, Latvia

Category:  Birds
Source:  youtube.com

Nestled in the treetops of the Durbe County, Kurzema in western Latvia is the nest of the white-tailed eagle. These large raptors live throughout Eurasia but were considered endangered or even extinct in several countries. Some populations have started to recover with the help of conservation method and governmental protections. To further understanding of white-tailed eagles, the Latvian Fund for Nature provides a live webcam attached to an old spruce tree that is the preferred nesting spot for a pair of these raptors. White-tailed eagles return to a nesting location year after year, and these particular eagles have been nesting in this tree since 2014.

The nesting spot is located in the crook of an old spruce tree, high above the ground. It provides an ideal vantage point for the eagles to hunt and watch for predators while nesting. The 1080p HD cam is unobtrusive for the eagles but allows viewers to see and hear the nesting area during the day. At night, the forest is plunged in darkness and the feed is quiet. In the morning, you can watch the sun creep over the trees in a colorful display and hear the wind rush through the trees. During the spring, the eagles return to being rebuilding their nest and preparing to try for a family.