Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy and should be construed in light of the terms and definitions included in the Privacy Policy. (hereinafter referred as “We”, “Us”) uses cookies, social media plugins, device identifiers, and other similar digital technologies to provide its Website and its Services therein. These technologies also enable us to enhance and protect Our Website and Services.

This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) is integral to our Privacy Policy and provides you information about how and why we use such technologies.

1. Why we Use Cookies

We use cookies for purposes for the following purposes:

  • to facilitate and streamline the functioning of and your access to our Website and Services;
  • to allow you to use and access our Website and Services;
  • to better understand how you browse and engage with our Website and Services and to enhance our Website, content and Services;
  • to monitor and analyze the performance, operation, and effectiveness of our Website and Services;
  • To provide customer support, analytics, research, and complying with relevant laws and regulations.

2. What are Cookies?

When you visit our Website, we may store cookies on your device. Cookies are small text files that websites send to your computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify your browser or to save information or settings in your browser.

Cookies allow us to recognize you when you return to our Website. They also help us provide a customized experience and can enable us to detect certain kinds of fraud. In many cases, the information we collect using cookies and other tools is only used in a non-identifiable manner without reference to Personal Data.

For example, we may use the information we collect to better understand website traffic patterns and to optimize our website experience. In some cases, we associate the information we collect using cookies and other technology with your Personal Data.

3. What are different categories of Cookies?

Cookies can be categorized by their purpose

  • “Strictly Necessary Cookies”: these cookies are essential for you to browse the Site and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the Site. For instance, these cookies enable us to remember your language or cookie settings. These cookies are first-party session cookies. You cannot refuse the use of these cookies.
  • “Analytical Cookies”: these cookies are third-party session cookies. They collect information about how you use the Site, e.g. which pages you visited and which links you clicked on. We use this information to analyze trends, administer the Site, and track user traffic patterns. These cookies help us to improve the way the Site operates.

4. What Personal Data Do We Collect with Cookies and Similar Technologies

By using Cookies and similar technologies, we may collect the following personal data about you:

  • Your IP Address;
  • Your Device ID and Device attributes;
  • The pages you viewed and engaged with on our Website;
  • Your Browser type;
  • Information about your browsing activity;
  • The operating system of your Device;
  • Your Internet service provider;
  • Timestamp of your visits and your specific actions.

5. What Cookies and Other Similar Technologies Do We Use to Collect Personal Data?

Server Logs and Other Technologies

Technologies such as server logs and other technologies enable us to collect Personal Data such as the type of device you use to access our Website, your operating system type, your browser type, your domain name, and other system settings, as well as the language of your system. Furthermore, we also collect information about the country in which your device is located and the time zone.

Our server logs also detect and save information about the IP address of the device that connects you to the Internet. An IP address is a unique identifier that devices require to identify and communicate with each other on the Internet. We may also collect information about which websites you were visiting before you arrived at our Platform and the websites you go to after you leave our Platform.

Using these technologies and collecting such information allows us to enhance user experience on our Website.

Device Information

We may use device-related information to verify the identity of our users. Such information includes, but not limited to:

  • Your IP address,
  • Your browser information,
  • or other data collected by your browser or from your device to identify the device.

We may associate different devices you use to access our Website to prevent fraud by using these techniques.

Social Media Plugins

Our website includes features that allow you to start interactions between our Website and third-party platforms and services. This includes social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

For example, we embed Facebook “Like”, “Share” and “Comments” plugins on our Website. In addition to Facebook, we also have similar plugins by other social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr

If you have signed up on these social media platforms and logged in, these platforms may combine data related to your browsing on our website with the information they already accumulated about you over time and use this combined data for various purposes.

What personal data these plugins may collect about you

Browsing names, language preferences, IP addresses, device information, pages you visited and how you interacted with them on our website.

They can then connect these data points to your profile.

Facebook Like & Share Widget

We embed a Facebook widget to allow you to see the number of likes/shares/recommendations and “like/share/recommend” on our webpages.

This widget may collect your IP address, your web browser User Agent, store and retrieve cookies on your browser, embed additional tracking, and monitor your interaction with the widget, including correlating your Facebook account with whatever action you take within the widget (such as “liking/sharing/recommending” our webpage), if you are logged in to Facebook. For more information about how this data may be used, please see Facebook’s data privacy policy:

Twitter Tweet Widget

We use a Twitter Tweet widget at our website. As a result, our website makes requests to Twitter’s servers for you to be able to tweet our webpages using your Twitter account. These requests make your IP address visible to Twitter, who may use it in accordance with their data privacy policy:

Pinterest “Save” Widget

We use Pinterest Save widget at our website to allow you to pin images to Pinterest from our webpages. These requests may track your IP address in accordance with their data privacy policy:

Linkedin Widget

We use a Linkedin Share widget at our website to allow you to share our web pages on Linkedin. These requests may track your IP address in accordance with their data privacy policy:

Links to Third-Party Privacy Policies

To learn about how the social media companies and third party platforms use your data, refer to their privacy policies

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for web analytics purposes (with the anonymization function turned on). Google Analytics is a website service used to keep track of a Users behaviour by collecting and recording the following kinds of details:

  • The domain You have requested
  • Your IP address
  • Date and time You visited the Service
  • The number of times You visited the Service
  • The measurement of ad campaigns and revenue from the ads served

Using these technologies and collecting such information allows us to enhance user experience on our Website.

For more information about Google Analytics and how it collects and processes data, please visit:

6. How Can You Manage Cookie Preferences?

You can visit the following pages of relevant browsers to accept and reject Cookies:

To learn more about how to manage or disable flash cookies, visit the Adobe website and make changes at the Global Privacy Settings Panel.

Your mobile device may allow you to control cookies through its settings function. We advise you to check your device manufacturer’s instructions for more information about this.

If you reject cookies, some functions of our Website may not work as intended or may be completely out of use.

7. How long do we store cookies?

When cookies that are not strictly necessary to the operation of the Site are set on your device, they are kept for a maximum period of one (1) year.