African Parrot "Bibi" Webcam

African Parrot

African Parrot "Bibi"

Category:  Birds
Location:  United States

The African Gray Parrot is a marvel with their intelligence and social skills, Bibi is certainly a living example of their incredible abilities. Bibi has amazed visitors for years and now you can see why through this live streaming video. The camera is set directly in front of Bibi's cage giving you full view of Bibi and her home. It is only available during daylight hours as her cage is covered at night for her to sleep.

If you watch closely you may hear her talking, utilizing the 500 words and phrases that she knows and she is also able to recall all of her family members names. At only 8 years of age with years more to go, she is bound to learn more over time. When eating you may even get to hear her ask for specific food items that she wants.