Cal. Academy of Sciences: Penguins (San Francisco) Webcam


Cal. Academy of Sciences: Penguins

Category:  Birds

Discover the intricacies of everyday life and the trials and tribulations of the endangered African penguin at rest, at play and while socializing at the California Academy of Sciences' massive simulation of their natural environment. Housing between 15 and 18 penguins at any one time, the habitat is a wonder of technology that features a 25,000-gallon tank which simulates currents and maintains seasonally-accurate water temperatures. Marvel at the light and temperature controls that provide an authentic experience of the ambient changes from sunlight to sunset.

Immense investment has been in recreating the water, rocky shores and series of burrows native to their natural habitat. Penguins are naturally social but the social hierarchy is strictly maintained through periodic scuffles. On the other hand, breeding pairs are extremely affectionate for the animal world. The varied, elaborate and ritualistic social interaction makes for riveting viewing. See for yourself these scenes that few ever have the privilege of laying their eyes upon.