Cal. Academy of Sciences: Sharks (San Francisco) Webcam


Cal. Academy of Sciences: Sharks

Category:  Aquariums

There is no aquatic creature more awesome or impressive than the shark. Enjoy viewing these amazing creatures via live webcam of the Shark Lagoon preserve of the Steinhart Aquarium located at the California Academy of Sciences. The reef view camera was implemented to help bring awareness to the importance of preserving these awe-inspiring creatures and ending shark finning. Some of the many species of sharks you will observe in this video are the Blacktip Reef and Bamboo sharks. Also included are the Cownose, Blue Spot, and Honeycomb stingrays as well as the Mono fish and both Longnose and Raccoon Butterflyfish.

The streaming video of the Shark Lagoon shows the daily life of a variety of species that live in this marina, some of which are in danger of becoming extinct. Watch as the high definition camera captures the oceanic life moving about beneath the water's surface during daylight hours only. A black screen will appear during nighttime hours. Live feedings are on Tuesday's and Thursday at 1:30 PM ET.