Dawlish: Marine Parade Webcam


Dawlish: Marine Parade

Category:  Trains
Sources:  dawlishbeach.com, youtube.com

On the south coast of Devon lies Dawlish, a seaside resort town with picturesque beaches and a lively marine parade. Dawlish Beach Cams offers viewers two crystal clear video and audio streams of the rail line that runs parallel to the beach and the marina. Watch as multiple passenger trains wind by during the day and seabirds cavort overhead, or switch to the marina and see small pleasure crafts moving along the water of the south Devon coast.

Railway Cam (Source 1,2)

Dawlish Beach Cams provides you with HD cameras that stream live 24/7. Two rail line cams will show the intercity express and local services, as well as the CrossCountry express services as they run their daily schedules. You will also be able to see the Dawlish town beach in the background and Station Road in the foreground.