Hamburg Airport Webcam

Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport

Category:  Transport
Location:  Germany  Hamburg

If you love the hustle and bustle of airports, you will love the Flughafen in Hamburg Germany. Receiving thousands of flights per day from around the world, there are several shops and restaurants available to choose from, being at this airport is like a vacation within itself. Visit their website for a detailed map of the airport and its list of shopping and dining establishments. Due to security reasons, all video feeds have a 15 minute delay.

North Cam

The first camera covers the North side of the airport. Watch as baggage clerks and mechanics move from plane to plane making sure that everything is right for the flight. You can see the various different flights that are available from all over the world. You can also get a view of the flights as they do their initial runs down the runway as they take off from this video.

South Cam

The second camera covers the South side of the airport with a closer look at flights coming in and out of the terminals. Watch as patrons board and depart from the planes through this video.

Terminal 1

This webcam gives you a view of the terminal inside. Like a fly on the wall you can watch travelers mill about in the terminal getting their tickets and waiting for their flights.

Terminal 2

This camera covers the same area as camera 3 but from a slightly different angle giving you a better view of the entrance area of the airport.

North and South cameras give you a clear view of current weather conditions before arriving at the airport. Cameras 3 and 4 give you and idea of wait time and traffic within the main area of airport is.