Lanzarote Airport Webcam


Lanzarote Airport

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The Canary Islands in Spain are a gorgeous archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa known for its mixture of beautiful beaches and rugged coastline made up of volcanic rock. A popular resort and tourist destination, the Canary Islands welcomes about 15 million visitors per year, most of which arrive by plane. Lanzarote, despite its small size, receives nearly a million of those tourists per year. These visitors fly into Lanzarote's unique airport, whose runway seems to almost jut out into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Providing you with a live view of incoming and outgoing aircraft, this webcam is positioned so you can see planes in flight as they come into land at the airport. Over the tops of swaying palm trees, the glittering North Atlantic Ocean and the blue skies give you a perfect backdrop to spot incoming aircraft. In the background, you can see the buildings of Lanzarote and the humps of Lanzarote's famous volcanoes. Available day and night, the feed can be rewound up to 12 hours and will let you see any inclement weather the planes might be dealing with as well.