Sakurajima Volcano (Kagoshima) Webcam

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Sakurajima Volcano

Sakurajima Volcano

Category:  Mountains
Location:  Japan  Kagoshima

Sakurajima is known to be one of the most active composite volcanoes of the Asian country and these cameras give you all the live actions to you. This region is pretty much covered with white sands highlands and this was built through volcanic ash dropped by the same during numerous eruptions. Due to its frequent eruptions, several hot spring resorts have been set around it; there is Sakurajima Volcano Observatory for a clear view of the eruptions as well.

Cam 1

Camera 1 is a closer view of the volcano giving an almost clear view of the smoke plumes during its eruptions. Keep in mind that the smoke creates a mild haze around the volcano making visibility difficult at times.

Cam 2

Camera 2 gives you the same view but gives a slightly further view of the volcano. This allows a better clearer view of the area surrounding the volcano.