Rio De Janeiro: Copacabana Webcam


Rio De Janeiro: Copacabana

Category:  Beaches

Copacabana is one of Rio De Janeiro Brazil's most popular beach fronts receiving an estimated 6 million visitors each year. It is also the site for one of the largest New Year's fireworks displays in the world. After viewing this live stream you will fully understand why Copacabana is such an amazing beach to visit.

This camera overlooks the 2 mile stretch of Balneario Beach portion of Copacabana from a high distance giving full view of the ocean waves crashing against the shore. Enjoy New Year's Eve on live stream as the fireworks light up the sky from the comfort of your home. You get a full view of both weather and traffic conditions in the area as well as be able to observe how crowed the beach is. Days offer great views, but at night... it is a sight to see.