Black Eagles Nest (Johannesburg) Webcam

Black Eagles Nest

Black Eagles Nest

Category:  Birds
Location:  RSA  Johannesburg

The black eagle is the target of interest in this live stream from the Roodekrans in Johannesburg, South Africa. The black eagle is a large raptor (predator) bird that is known for its slow motion flight just above the canopy tops. Their primary food source consists of small mammals, smaller birds, and eggs plus they primarily nest in high areas such as hillsides and tops of very high trees.

The camera is sitting on the side of a 164-foot cliff overlooking a large black eagle nest. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving you a great visual of its occupants throughout the year. Watch as the adult eagles care for their growing young. You can get hours of enjoyment off of this live stream as you observe the life of the black eagle.