International Wolf Center (Minnesota) Webcam

International Wolf Center

International Wolf Center

Category:  Animals
Location:  USA  Minnesota

Wolves are one of nature's most elusive and fascinating creatures. Used as a symbol of nobility, strength, and courage in cultures around the world, this live camera brought to you by The International Wolf Center gives you the opportunity to observe these amazing beast.

Please Note: Wolves, as stated before, are very elusive and have a tendency to hide from cameras so you may not be able to spot them very easily.

Exhibit Pack

This camera covers the front portion of the 1.25-acre sanctuary facing the viewing windows. There is a clear area for the wolves to cross allowing you to view them as they move about outside of the trees. Watch streaming day to day the lives of the ambassador wolves Aidan, Denali, Boltz, Axel, and Grayson along with their arctic pups as they deal with the challenges of pack life.

Retired Pack

Grizzer is the only wolf currently residing in this part of the habitat which is separated from the rest of the pack. Old and unable to handle the dealings of pack life any longer. Grizzer is left in peace in his own den. The camera is situated high overlooking his den allowing you to watch him as he views the pack through the chain link fence that separates the enclosures.