Yubatake Hot Spring (Kusatsu) Webcam

Yubatake Hot Spring

Yubatake Hot Spring

Category:  Water
Location:  Japan  Kusatsu
Source:  youtube.com

Pumping out an impressive 5000 liters of hot steaming water a minute, Yubatake is the largest producing hot spring in Japan. The water reaches 70 degrees Celsius and is cooled down by wooden conduits then distributed to Japanese style hotels (Ryokans) and public bath houses in the region.

Cam 1

The camera moves back and forth giving you a full view of the spring as it washes over its cooling conduits and the surrounding hotels and shops. Visitors are blocked from visiting the spring by a small gate but are able to sit and enjoy its beauty and the heat from the steam behind the gate.

Cam 2

The live feed covers the area where the spring exists the ground. There is an observation deck that overlooks the spring and the conduits on the opposite side of the rock structure where the spring comes out.

These webcams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with clear picture even during night time hours. Watch this cam before visiting the spring for current weather conditions to ensure a good experience.