Monterey Bay Aquarium: Habitats Webcam


Monterey Bay Aquarium: Habitats

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Do you like aquariums? Do you enjoy watching various colorful fish roaming around the aquarium? If yes, Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see for you. This aquarium has some of the most amazing fish and aquatic habitats to see. Serene and captivating in its simplicity, you can enjoy hours of viewing as it is available day and night.

This live camera gives you a clear vision of the life in this aquarium. You can see a variety of species of fish swimming across the Canary Row along with other types of aquatic life such as squid, cuttlefish, stingrays, and octopus. The aquarium is filled various forms of aquatic plant life making it seem as if you are under the ocean waves viewing this mysterious and wondrous universe first hand. Along with the image, there is a beautiful relaxing music playing which makes this perfect for meditation and relaxation.