Koln/Bonn Airport Webcam

Koln/Bonn Airport

Koln/Bonn Airport

Category:  Transport
Location:  Germany  Koln/Bonn
Source:  koeln-bonn-airport.de

The Cologne Bonn Airport is the international airport of the 4th biggest city of Germany – Cologne. Apart from this, it also serves the prior capital of Germany – Bonn. Thus, this airport is also named as Koln/Bonn Airport. Incidentally, it is the 2nd largest airport in this European country, in terms of cargo operations.

Terminal 1

The first camera is set at the Terminal 1, showing flights taking off or landing to the airport.

Terminal 2

There is another camera at the Terminal 2 which shows flights landing one after the other – basically creating a slightly different view for the camera visitors.

Terminal 2 lobby

The camera at the Terminal 2 lobby shows all the passengers and the escalators – basically it helps you to take a peek inside this amazing airport.


The final camera is set at the parking space. This presents almost the entire airport and that creates an amazing spectacle – especially during night. You get to see the adjacent streets, parked vehicles and buildings through this camera as well.