Dusseldorf Airport Webcam

Dusseldorf Airport

Dusseldorf Airport

Category:  Transport
Location:  Germany  Dusseldorf
Source:  dus.com

Dusseldorf Airport handles around 21.8 million passengers every year and is known to be a hub for Eurowings, Air Berlin and Germanwings. Apart from that, it occasionally supports Lufthansa's long-haul operations as well. This airport operates on a public-private partnership model with equal shares for Airport Partners GmbH and the City of Dusseldorf. The airport has 3 terminals in total.

Check-in area

This camera is at the check-in area showing people queueing up for boarding their respective flights.

Aircraft handling

There is a camera at the aircraft handling area showing you all the landed flights and also operations of boarding passengers into the flights.


The camera at Aipon area shows you a big part of the runway and you also get to see flights taking off.


This camera at Runway gives you a better view of the same and you can clearly see flights taking off. At night, the place is all lightened up, creating an amazing spectacle.

Front of terminal

This webcam is set in front of the terminal, showing you the adjacent streets and buildings.