Rhine Falls (Schaffhausen) Webcam


Rhine Falls

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Source:  youtube.com

Witness the roaring majesty of the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. As the largest waterfalls in Europe, the Rhine Falls sees plenty of tourists every year. However, visitors don't only come for the natural spectacle of 21,000 cu ft/s of freshwater crashing over the 490-foot waterfall, they also come for the cultural element of the Schloss Laufen Castle. This 1,000-year-old castle is built almost on top of the falls and sits poised atop the hill overlooking the river, the waterfall, and the surrounding area.

This live webcam allows you to see and hear the water rushing over the waterfalls in real-time. The camera automatically pans across the river from Schaffhausen to Zurich, taking in the waterfalls, the Schloss Laufen Castle, and the glass observation room of the Schloessli Woerth restaurant. You will be able to see visitors as they line the edges of the river or walk across the bridge near the Schloessli Woerth. Available in 1080p HD and offering crystal clear imagery night and day, you will almost feel the spray of the waterfalls.