Groningen: Grote Markt Webcam


Groningen: Grote Markt

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Groningen is a city in northern Netherlands famous for its central Grote Markt, which is home to the centuries-old Martinitoren clock tower and the city hall. The Grote Markt is popular with tourists and locals for its cafes, shops, and its food market where vendors sell local fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit. The heartbeat of the bustling capital, the Grote Markt is an ideal place to get a feel for the city of Groningen.

This live feed can be rewound up to twelve hours to show you a high definition feed of the Grote Markt day or night. The feed automatically pans across the market to show you the centuries-old architecture and the daily activity of the market. From locals shopping, to night-time carnivals, to bicyclists going past, this webcam lets you be in the middle of the action of Groningen’s Grote Markt.