Tokyo: Chuo Line Webcam

Tokyo: Chuo Line

Tokyo: Chuo Line

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The Chuo Line is one of the major trunk railways in Tokyo, Japan. It connects Tokyo and Nagoya and is the only JR line to cross the Yamanote Line. Two types of trains run on the Chuo Line: orange, rapid trains and yellow local trains. The 60 kilometres that make up the Chuo-Sobu line serve as a major artery for local commuters and other travelers.

This live camera is positioned between the Toyota Station and the Hino Station on the Chuo Line. This high definition feed allows viewers to see and hear the elevated trains as they speed pass on the tracks. Available in up to 720p HD, this feed is available during the day and through most of the night but stops streaming between the hours of 2AM and 4AM, when there are no trains.