Tehachapi Railroad Webcam


Tehachapi Railroad

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Source:  youtube.com

Watch as trains wind through the foothills of the Sierras on this live feed of the Tehachapi Railroad in California. This famous railroad line was completed in 1876. Cut through granite by some 3,000 Chinese laborers, the Tehachapi Railroad had 18 tunnels, 10 bridges, and–of course–the Tehachapi Loop, a feat of engineering that eased the grade over the Tehachapi Pass.

Still a functioning railway today, this cam watches the Tehachapi Railroad West Cable, about 6 miles to the east of the loop. The high definition feed is supplied by a Dahua SD6AL830V-HNI, which also has audio. You can rewind up to four hours on the feed and the cam also provides wind speed, temperature and current time in California.