Lodz Airport Webcam

Lodz Airport

Lodz Airport

Category:  Transport
Location:  Poland  Lodz
Source:  airport.lodz.pl

Currently, Lodz Airport is undergoing intensive development as the demand for its services is growing. Located in central Poland outside of the city of Lodz, this small airport has been in operation since 1925. Sporting a bar, car rental, air service company, airport meteorological office, and border guards. It is in range of 31 European Capitals which makes it ideal for air transport of Poland's major goods as well as passengers.

Cam 1

This camera covers the main landing strip. You can watch as the planes come in for their landing then move towards the loading area. Viewable day and night.

Cam 2

Camera covers the loading and takeoff area of the airport. You can see the cargo being loaded onto the planes and passengers board as well as the plane move to take off. Viewable day and night.

Cam 3

This webcam covers the main airport complex. It is best viewed during the day as the complex is not lit up at night.