Pula: Amphitheatre Webcam

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Pula: Amphitheatre

Pula: Amphitheatre

Category:  Sights
Location:  Croatia  Pula
Source:  whatsupcams.com

The Pula Amphitheater, or Pula Arena, is the 6th largest Roman "games" arena still fully intact and is still in use today as a concert hall in Pula Croatia. Constructed around 27 BC – 68 AD, the exterior walls consist of limestone walls and can seat up to 23,000 people. Some of the many concerts that have been held in modern times at this amazing arena are Alanis Morissette, Seal, Sting, and Elton John. The amphitheater has also been used in many movies such as the 1999 film Titus and recently in 2012 two ice hockey games were held.

The camera sits across the street from the amphitheater showing the entrance of the arena and is available 24 hours daily for viewing. Watch the magic happen as the live web stream captures the events that occur in this ancient artifact as they occur while viewing the incredible lighting from the sunrise and sunset on its limestone walls.