Animal Planet: Cockroaches (New Orleans) Webcam

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Animal Planet: Cockroaches

Animal Planet: Cockroaches

Category:  Other
Location:  USA  New Orleans

Many say they are one of the longest surviving living beings, women are undoubtedly afraid of these – that’s cockroach for you. Well, it’s obvious that many won’t feel inclined towards seeing cockroaches live, but for those who will feel so, here are cockroaches live for you. More importantly, not any cockroach, but the largest variant of common pest cockroach, known as the American cockroach.

American cockroaches have different names such as Water Bug or Palmetto Bug. In this camera, you will see these American cockroaches all over a dinning space plus kitchen – they are flying all over the place, really making it their own home. There is a television in this space as well; if you are lucky, you may end up noticing one glued to television. Just for your information, this insectarium actually belongs to the Audubon Nature Institute.