Animal Planet: Ants (New Orleans) Webcam

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Animal Planet: Ants

Animal Planet: Ants

Category:  Other
Location:  USA  New Orleans

Are you fascinated about ants? How these small creatures spend their lives may amaze you with its organization and structure. Watch as the drones diligently care from their Queen and her young unceasingly from day to day through this live stream webcam embedded into the hive of a ants mound.

Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium situated in New Orleans plays host to many species of plants and insects to observe. Watch as the ants forage for leaves and carry them back to their nest using a pheromone trail blazed by the “scouts” previously. You can get a closer look at these ants with the help of this camera to fully understand their world and the life they live giving you a new perspective on these amazing insects.