Lausanne: Place de la Palud Webcam

Lausanne: Place de la Palud

Lausanne: Place de la Palud

Category:  Cities
Location:  Switzerland  Lausanne

Lausanne is the fourth largest city in Switzerland and consist of a population of over 146,000 people. It is the focus point of many international sports events and houses the IOC (International Olympic Committee) who recognize Lausanne as the "Olympic Capital". Place de la Palud, roughly translated as pedestrian square, sits between the Flon and Louve rivers in the historic district and is used as a market place every Wednesday and Saturday.

It is also the location of the Lausanne Animated Clock which is located behind the Fountain of Justice. Every hour the clock chimes and animated figurines representing the different nations appear out of the wall of the building and cycle through disappearing back into the wall by the last chime.

The camera is situated high on one of the surrounding buildings facing towards the Fountain of Justice. In the view you can see the Town Hall, which was built sometime around the 7th century. Watch every Wednesday and Saturday to get an idea of current weather conditions before visiting the square or just to observe live the life that surrounds this historic part of the city.