Sittard: Town Square Webcam

Sittard: Town Square

Sittard: Town Square

Category:  Cities
Location:  Netherlands  Sittard

Housing a whopping 48,400 residents, Sittard (southern province of Limburg Netherlands) has a long history of violence and destruction. Settled sometime during 5000 B.C., this historic city has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times during its sorted history of war and occupations.

During World War II, the small little town became the front lines as allied troops fought to regain control of the region from Germany Occupation. Over 4000 mortars and rounds struck repeatedly disseminating many of its historical sites. Today, the town still retains several of its architectural monuments proving their resilience and fortitude.

The Sittard webcam is situated at a high angle overlooking the market square where all the action is. Surrounded by restaurants and bars, the market square is the main attraction in this camera as it changes its view periodically from closeup to far away giving you the full experience of the life of the town and the beauty of their architectural prowess. Planning to shop in the square, check the web camera for current weather and foot traffic conditions before visiting to ensure a pleasant experience.