Ritam Grada Caffe Bar (Zagreb) Webcam

Ritam Grada Caffe Bar

Ritam Grada Caffe Bar

Category:  Bars
Location:  Croatia  Zagreb
Source:  ritamgrada.hr

Ritam Grada Caffe Bar is a popular night spot in Zagreb Croatia for both locals and tourist alike. Full of class down to the white linen tables, Ritam offers a great lineup of music, dancing, drinks and social fun. What is interesting about the Ritam Grada is that it is not owned by a single owner.

The cafe is owned by a conglomeration of organizations such as Samsung and Julius Meinl which share in the profits of this establishment. They offer many different avenues within this one place from dining to a social gathering area to live music and dancing. There is no place like it in the world.

This camera covers the back end of the main seating area, but there is a large mirror in the background which gives you a look into the entire area from the front door. Check out this live feed to see the current occupancy within the building or sit back and watch it on your screen.