Animal Planet: Sharks (Baltimore) Webcam

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Animal Planet: Sharks

Animal Planet: Sharks

Category:  Animals
Location:  USA  Baltimore

Sharks, one of the most deadly and fascinating creatures of the deep blue sea. What better way to observe these enigmatic beasts than from the safety and security of a camera. This video covers one specific species of shark, the blacktip shark. They are known for their stout, fusiform body with no ridges between their dorsal fins. With a length of 1.5m, blacktip sharks have black edges on the caudal, pelvic, pectoral and dorsal fins. Blacktip sharks have a peculiar form of hunting by performing spinning leaps out of the water to attack a group of small fish for their meal.

This particular camera is set on the Blacktip Reef Exhibit of the National Aquarium. You can observe these amazing creatures in their habitat live daily day and night. The exhibit is filled with other varieties small fish but it is the blacktip sharks that are the center of attraction when it comes to this camera. Watch live as their speed and grace as they move around in their home and if you're lucky enough, you'll get to watch them perform their spinning hunting technique as well.