Animal Planet: African Penguins Webcam

Animal Planet: African Penguins

Animal Planet: African Penguins

Category:  Birds
Location:  USA  New Orleans

The African Penguin, also known as the Black-Footed Penguin or Jackass Penguin, is primarily found in the waters of South Africa. These penguins are distinctly identified by their donkey like bray. This camera allows you to watch these penguins live in their own communities, play around with one another, eat, or even fight among themselves. Watch as they preen each other on a frequent basis and eat around 5 pounds of fish per day. Their diet usually consist of sardines, pilchards, crustaceans, and anchovies.

The camera is set at the Audubon Aquarium located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The aquarium is active in the breeding and conservation of this now endangered species through their programs and bringing awareness to the world of these delightful and exotic creatures.